17 Sep 2015

The vaptio Ascension C1 is the most innovative MOD KIT which supports up to 35 Wattage. Its clearomizer is also revolutionary and compatible with 35W batteries. The 3.5ml tank meets your urge for long vapor time. Unlike the RDA, it reduces the bore task to drip the oil. With 35W high power, the kit provides you an extraordinary vapor as well as pure flavor.The vapor mod price now just $49.

The atomizer can work with 35Watts and still keep pure flavor Also bring you larger vapor

Being the first ready-to-vape 35W MOD kit, you just take it and start vaping at anytime and anywhere. The integration design makes Ascension C1 an easy-to-go kit. In the meanwhile, the MOD can work together with other standard clearomizer to give you more options.

Built with all metal, the Ascension C1 passed through multiple CNC processing to give this high quality finish. A large fortune is spent on it to satisfy your crave for unique design and high quality. Through etching processing, you can see its logo on the MOD surface.

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