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Facebook users forward the activity page and @vaptioofficial @ your three friends to share in your Facebook pages and at least one group, with the tag # CAPT'N PARAGON KIT. You can get a T-shirt only once. There were only 100 clothes at the special time on 23-31.July. At the same time, if you get more than ten Arrs!in your Facebook,you also can get a $10 voucher from the store (except for new ones).

The Capt'n Champion selected five lucky person to give CAPTN PARAGON. And the runner-up selected three lucky men to give CAPTN KIT in our activity of Facebook users forward the activity page on 31.July.

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  • Awards & Rules
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The Capt'n Story

The Capt'n is Vaptio's latest dual 18650 battery mod and is our most compact. Capt'n was incepted by using the latest 220w vaping tech and aesthetic IML manufacturing processes commonly used for smartphones.

This combination of innovation and aesthetics allowed us to release the smallest and lightest 220w mod with 1.3" color screen. But the options are endless. IML technology allows for highly detailed printed patterns under the IML coating. This means that not only can we print elaborately decorated patterns for the Capt'n, the patterns will not wear off or fade. The appearance of your mod will look good no matter whatever rugged terrains you put it through.

Vaptio is a brand that was built on the ideals of being yourself whether it be the way your express yourself through art, life or vaping devices as a form of personal expression. Be Your Own Hero and Be A Hero are both slogans we have used for the Vaptio Hero's series.

With the arrival of the latest Hero, the Capt'n, we are literally giving you a chance to "Be a Hero" and get paid!

Design submissions will be voted on by the Vaptio community allowing for possibly more than the several tentatively selected design slots. For example, the more designs we receive, the more the cash award pot increases.

The more cool designs that are submitted, the more we will release! It is a win-win for everyone. Keep creativity alive and your pockets lined. What are you waiting for? Get to designing, Capt'n design submissions are due July 20 , 2018.

Any theme such as environment, anime, comic & movie, oil-painting, people, animal, culture, sports and astrology is accepted.

Any kind of form would be accepted such as sketch on paper or drawing by Photoshop.

Design Template

Contest Rules:

1. Contest begins on June 21(PST), ends on July 20 18:00 Beijing Time.
2. Votes via inviting friends from shared social media posts are valid.
3. Maximum of 3 designs submissions per each account.
4. The submission with the most votes wins the contest.
5. If Vaptio detects any voter fraud, Vaptio reserves the right to make the final decision regarding disqualifications.
6. Vaptio reserves the right to decide the winners regardless of voting results.
7. Prize and number of winner candidates will be increased as more and more users participate.
8. Only Paypal account accepted for award payment.
9.The act of submission means you agree to transfer the ownership of the design. Any behavior of reduplicate,    reproduce, modify or used in other ways without VAPTIO permission is prohibited.


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