WARNING: This product contains nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Introducing Vaptio Orizon: the perfect balance of practicality, versatility and performance



Launching into a highly competitive product category, the release of the Orizon not only allows Vaptio to offer a flagship pod device, but above all to stand out with a unique design and new functions in a kit combining simplicity and versatility.


Go back to the basics of the pod kit: simplicity above all!

For newcomers to the vaping world, the huge number of choices between all the brands and formats available can be overwhelming. Among  the wide range of devices, pods have undoubtedly become essential due to their practicality and compact form factor. Yet, manufacturers have expanded their offerings with pod-mods that have more settings, more features and more power in formats aimed at experienced vapers.

Our team searched for the right balance by keeping ease of use, compact size and maximum performance as core principles, while offering versatility  with adjustable functions. This inspired the name of our latest release, the Vaptio Orizon is a pod that allows you to broaden your vaping horizons!


Slim Form Factor, Full Capacity

The Vaptio Orizon sports a slim and convenient form factor without compromising performance. Equipped with a long-lasting 1500mAh battery and an impressive 4ml capacity, the Vaptio Orizon is an ideal companion for vapers on the go.

Direct airflow design, plus innovative mesh coils including 2 layers of linen fiber and three layers of organic cotton allow for intense flavor delivery. Regulated power output ensures a consistently satisfying vaping experience, regardless of charge level.


Finally, an intuitive interface!

The Vaptio Orizon stands out for its practicality with a sliding power switch, offering one-touch activation for quick use, while minimizing accidental activations. Forget about the unintuitive process of pressing 5 times on your vape…

The device features USB-C 1.5A fast charging, enabling a full charge cycle in just one hour. More time vaping and less time recharging!




Versatility: a customizable experience

The Vaptio Orizon gives you the choice of two activation options. Easily switch from responsive auto-draw to manual activation at the push of a button, letting you vape your way. With three easy-to-adjust power settings, you can customize your vaping experience from a light, smooth vape to an intense, cloudy experience in an instant.

With two available pod variants included in the kit, the Vaptio Orizon caters to a wide range of vaping preferences. The included 0.6ohm mesh pod (18W-19.5W-21W) delivers intense performance, while the 1.0ohm mesh pod (12W-13W-14W) is ideal for those looking for a low wattage vaping experience. The device also offers airflow adjustment directly from the bottom of the pod for ultimate precision. Choose between a traditional MTL draw or something more cloudy according to your desires!