WARNING: This product contains nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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The new member of the Cosmo series. Cosmo A2 - Always at the Ready.



Cosmo A2 is an improved version of Cosmo A1, on the basis of which it has been improved in all areas. The series is available in four classic colours - black, silver, blue and grey - and offers two non-slip variants with matte and glossy surfaces that are so pleasant to the touch that you will not want to put them down. Despite the simple and minimalist design - device was equipped with powerful built-in battery of 2000mAh with 25W power and provides 3-5 days of battery life, which allows to always be ready for your enjoyable vaping!

Vaptio team for variety in everything, that's why it was added the combination of two mesh coils with different resistance and two different mouthpieces to the kit, which allows you to experience MTL and DTL vaping styles with just one device. At the same time, device fits with many other coils such as C1/C3/C1/C5 for MTL vaping and C2/C4/C6 for DTL vaping. The tank capacity has increased to 3.0ml and top fill housing have been equipped with silicone protection against e-liquid leakage into the tank, so now you can easily refill e-liquid withohut the mess and no more fear of getting dirty. In addition, have adjusted the drip tip design and now is easier to regulate the air flow by simply turning the tank head.

Based on the positive experience of our customers, we have left top-fill function and the full metal body design that perfectly protects the glass of the tank from crashing as well as the easy coil replacement function, where you simply unscrew the tank from the bottom part and pull out your current coil from the base of the vape, and then insert a new coil into the base - as easy as one two three.

As for the mod, it is equipped with well-designed protection features, such as short circuit protection, overcharge protection, overheat protection, low battery protection, and excessive vapour protection. The built-in indicator shows the current battery level, when the charge level is less than 30%, the indicator lights red, when the charge level is between 30 and 100%, the indicator lights blue. When the indicator flashes red during charging, the charge level is below 30%, the indicator flashes blue, when the charge level is above 30%, the battery is fully charged, which takes 3h - the indicator goes out. But that's not all! The Type-C charging input has been relocated to the centre of the mod's body, and has also been provided with a dust protection.

The new series has taken the best from its predecessors and added new features that allow you to fully discover the flavour potential of e-juice, enjoy different ways of vaping and always be ready for your incredible vaping experience!